The transition has begun … Oracle GoldenGate merging into Oracle Database 21 (new features)

News on the Oracle GoldenGate front!!!!!

Over the years, Oracle has taken the Oracle GoldenGate product and have used it for a wide range of use-cases.  In 2017, Oracle introduced the world to the next evolution of Oracle GoldenGate with the release of Oracle GoldenGate Microservices in the version.  At the time, I had the privilege of shepherding in the this new architecture and truly believe it is moving the right direction for high-volume replication, hub-n-spokes architectures, and data mesh frameworks.

At the same time, what I was witnessing and was a bit concern about is the close integration between the Oracle database and the Oracle GoldenGate product.  Back in 2013, I wrote about Advanced Replication and Streams being dead due to Oracle Database documentation mentioning that the direction for replication was changing towards Oracle GoldenGate.  Fast forward a few years … when I woke up this morning and scrolling through LinkedIn, some associates were posting information on Oracle Database 21c New Features.  And the transition to full Oracle Database integration has begun ….

In the new features doc for Oracle Database 21c, Oracle GoldenGate can be found under “Performance and High Availability”.  Under this category, there are features related to the following:

  1. Automatic CDR Enhancements
  2. Improved Support for Table Replication for Oracle GoldenGate
  3. LogMiner Views Added to Assist Replication
  4. Oracle GoldenGate for Oracle and Stream Support for JSON Data Type

These features are only the start of what should be seen as the Oracle GoldenGate product becomes more and more integrated into the Oracle Database. 

The real questions is going to be around the heterogenous nature of Oracle GoldenGate.  With the integration of the Oracle side of the product moving into the Oracle Database, will Oracle GoldenGate eventually drop the heterogenous functionality of the product?  I don’t think so … that would be contradictory to their marketing of a “data mesh” framework and pushing customers into that model.  What I would expect to see is more of the microservices architecture coming to the heterogenous platforms and even Big Data.  This would align beautifully with the “data mesh” marketing and allow for a single point of reference with multiple product offerings.

Oracle is moving the Oracle GoldenGate product to be closer related with the Oracle Database and keeping the heterogenous nature of the product.  Only time will tell if merging into the Oracle database is going to benefit the product and Oracle.

Just my 2 cents…


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