Xclock works, but runInstaller does not displaying GUI for OUI on RHEL6!

Ok, I’ve spent the better part of 4 days trying to get a database installed with OUI on RHEL6 using Exceed 10.  Simple right!?  Apparently with RHEL6 and Exceed, it isn’t so simple.  After getting all the parameters set with starting Exceed, starting putty, setting the DISPLAY variable and running ./runInstaller, I got no love from the system I was working with.  After doing a bit of research and testing, I identified a better solution would be to use Xming for my X Window translation.  So off I went to download Xming from SourceForge.
After I got Xming downloaded, I had to move it to the server and install; all easy.  Once installed, I started Xming, started putty and set the DISPLAY.  Still no luck, hmmm; what could be the issue.  The issue was configuration.  The below steps are what I used to resolve this issue and was able to get the database installed.

  1. Download Xming and Xming Fonts
  2. Install Xming components on Windows server
  3. Edit the X0.hosts file with the IP Address of the remote server (C:\Program Files\Xming)
  4. Start/Restart the Xming app
  5. Login to your SSH session and set DISPLAY to the address of your desktop appended with :0
  6. Test by running “xclock”

If all that of the steps outlined above have been done, there should be no issue in running ./runInstaller on a RHEL6 server.

Please follow and like:
  • Instead of editing X0.hosts, you can just uncheck “server access control” tick on Xlauch wizard

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