Bug 9882856: Fix for 12c

During normal running of OEM, incidents will be created based on what OEM find as problems (base configurations).  OEM by default is wide open and will report on many different issues.  In the case of Bug 9882856, the messages that are received appear to be critical but can be ignored.  Although we can ignore these messages; they shouldn’t be coming into our inbox if not needed.
A message that may be received is:
Incident (BEA-337 [WebLogicServer]) detected in $OMS_HOME/user_projects/domains/GCDomain/servers/EMGC_OMS1/adr/diag/ofm/GCDomain/EMGC_OMS1/alert/log.xml at time/line number: 
To fix this issue we can refer to MOS note number 1290548.1.  This note is intended to be used for Grid Control 11g ( and later releases; this includes Cloud Control ( and, since the article was last updated on 9/14/2012.  The patch for this fix can be found in MOS note number 9882856.8; where this bug is confirmed fixed in Grid Control (PSU 2) and Enterprise Manager (Base Release).
In the cases where I have seen this issue on Enterprise Manager 12c (, the patch for bug 9882856 does not need to be applied to the agent (see note below).  To resolve this issue,  just implementing the solution for the regex filter expression in MOS note 1290548.1 will suppress the messages.
Note: The patch that is recommended does NOT need to be applied.

Patch 9882856: Required component(s) missing : [ oracle.sysman.top.agent,, higher version found. ]

To implement the regex solution and prevent the BEA-337 and other WLS error messages that can be ignored, an attribute needs to be added to the emd.properties file.  The steps below will walk through how to implement the regex filtering.

Stop the management agent on the OMS server.
$ $AGENT_HOME/bin/emctl stop agent
Edit the emd.properties file
$ cd $AGENT_HOME/sysman/config
$ vi ./emd.properties
Add an regex entry at the top of the emd.properties file and save the file
Start the management agent on the OMS server.
$ $AGENT_HOME/bin/emctl start agent
With this regex entry in the properties file, all WLS incidents that match this expression will be filtered.

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