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Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c is a great tool! Now that 13c is out, it is getting even better. This post however it not really about Oracle Enterprise Manager, rather than a quick and simple health check tool that I’ve put together. With the help of of some really cool co-workers (Carlos Sierra and Mauro Pagano), I’ve put together a small diagnostic tool call EMd360.

EMd360 stands for Enterprise Manager d360. The concept behind this tool is just like other tools that have been released with the 360 concept (edb360 and sqld360); to provide a quick and easy approach to checking an environment. As with edb360 and sqld360, EMd360 is a completely free tool for anyone to use.

So, why is there a need for EMd360? It is quite simple, there are so many things that go into OEM and you get so much out of OEM it is overwhelming. As a consultant, I’ve been asked to review a lot of OEM architectures and the associated performance. A lot of this information is in the OMR and often time I’m using other tools like REPVFY and OMSVFY, plus a handful of scripts. I’ve decided to make my life (and hopefully yours) a bit easier by building EMd360.

The first (base) release of EMd360 is now live on GitHub (https://github.com/dbasolved/EMd360.git). Go and get it! Test it out!


If you are interested in trying out EMd360, you can download it from GitHub.


Download EMd360 from GitHub as a zip file
Unzip EMd360-master.zip on the OMR server and navigate to the directory where you unzipped it
Connect to the OMR using SQL*Plus and execute @emd360.sql


The @emd360.sql script take two variables. You will be prompted for them if not passed on the sql command line.

Variable 1 – Server name of the Oracle Management Service (without domain names)
Variable 2 – Oracle Management Repository name (database SID)


$ sqlplus / as sysdbaSQL> @emd360 pebble oemrep

Let me know your thoughts and if there is something you would like to see in it. Every environment is different and there maybe something you are looking for that is not provided. Let me know via email or blog comment and I’ll try to get it added in the next release.


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