Upcoming conferences…some work still to do!

Just around the corner are two conferences which I will be presenting at this year.  I would say I’m excited about these conferences; however, I’m more nervous than anything else.  Sometimes it seems like there is not enough hours in a day to get everything done.  I’ll be ready to speak on the days I’m assigned though!

The first conference for 2013 will be at IOUG Collaborate 13 in Denver, CO in April.  I’ll be speaking on how to setup and use Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c for Security Compliance.  The compliance framework of OEM12c often gets overlooked and many people don’t understand how it works, which is a disappointment.  The compliance framework within OEM12c is very flexible, helpful, and provides valuable feedback on the health of an enterprise infrastructure.    If you are interested in finding out more about compliance within OEM12c and will be in the Denver, CO, stop by and check out session 319. 

The second conference I’ll be at in 2013 will be ODTUG KScope 13 in New Orleans, LA in June.  This conference is going to be fun.  The topic I’ll be speaking on is related to the next generation of Oracle Database.  I cannot go into great detail here; however, with permission from Oracle I’ll be able to present some good information in June.  This is going to be a good session to attend if you are interested in what is coming next.  As of yesterday, my abstract and title has been submitted; as soon as I have a date and time of my session, I’ll post it here. 

Overall, I feel humble to be talking about these topics at such events.  I hope that everyone gets some valuable information from the presentations that are presented at these conferences.  If there is anything specific you would like to see in my presentations feel free to leave a message.

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