Oracle GoldenGate Processes – Part 1 – Manager

Oracle GoldenGate is made up of processes that are used to ensure replication.  These processes include a manager process, an extract and a replicat process. The primise of this post is to focus on the manager process.

In order to configure and run an Oracle GoldenGate enviornment, a manager process must be running on all the source, target, and intermediary servers in the configuration.  This is due to the manager process being the controller process for the Oracle GoldenGate processes, allocates ports and performs file maintenance.  The manager process peforms the following functions within the Oracle GoldenGate isntance:

  • Starts Processes
  • Starts Dynamic Processes
  • Start the Controller process
  • Manage the port numbers for the processes
  • Trail File Management
  • Create reports for events, error and threshold

Note: There is only one manager processes per Oracle GoldenGate instance.

Configure Manager Process
Before a manager process can be started it needs to be configured.  There are many different parameters than can be used in the manager parameter file, but the only required one is PORT parameter.  The default port for a manager is 7809.  In order to edit the manager parameter file, it can be done either from the command line or from within the GGSCI utility.

Edit via command line:

$ cd $OGG_HOME/dirprm
$ vi mgr.prm

Edit via GGSCI:

GGSCI> edit params mgr

Example of a Manager parameter file:

PORT 15000

Start the Manager Process

Starting the manager process is pretty simple.  The process can be started either from the command line or from the GGSCI utility.

Start from command line:

$ cd $OGG_HOME
$ mgr paramfile ./dirprm/mgr.prm reportfile ./dirrpt/mgr.rpt

Start from GGSCI:

$ cd $OGG_HOME
$ ./ggsci
GGSCI> start manager  
GGSCI> start mgr

Stop the Manager Process

Stopping the manager process is pretty simple as well (from the GGSCI).

Stop from GGSCI:

$ cd $OGG_HOME
$ ./ggsci
GGSCI> stop manager [ ! ]


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