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A little over two weeks ago, I attended my first Customer Advisory Board (CAB) as a product manager for the Oracle GoldenGate platform. It was very interesting being involved in the CAB from an Oracle stand point compared to a customer view point. As part of the CAB, the product management team asked customers what would be helpful in giving themselves and their organizations more insight to Oracle GoldenGate. There were many things that came out of that discussion. On thing that stuck out to me was that customers wanted a place where they could ask questions and get answers directly from Oracle experts.

In listening to these requests, many in product management thought that the MOSC and OTN forums were a place for people to get this interaction; which they are and customers should use them as well. The customers agreed, but also wanted a site that is not as complex as MOSC and OTN; basically they didn’t want to login to ask questions. Additionally, when I took a look around the MOSC and OTN forums, it is not obvious that there is a place to ask GoldenGate questions.

With keeping things simple in mind, I discussed with others on the GoldenGate PM team and then sought the advice of The Oracle Masters (TOM) to see if it was possible to include GoldenGate as a topic area on the askTOM forum. To my surprise, the TOM team was willing to include a GoldenGate topic area on the forums. Thanks Connor McDonald (@connor_mc_d), Chris Saxon (@chrisrsaxon), and Maria Colgan (@sqlmaria)! 🙂

With this forum now avaliable to ask GoldenGate questions, you can send in your GoldenGate related questions and get answers from this GoldenGate PM. All that is asked of you is for you to follow the same rules you would when asking a database related question on askTOM (Asking Questions). The more details and thourgh your question is, the better the GoldenGate team can answer your question.

Happy Question Asking!!! And this GoldenGate PM look forward to interacting with you on this forum.







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