Oracle #GoldenGate has arrived!

As of today, August 18, 2017, the latest release of Oracle GoldenGate 12c ( is avaliable for download! You should checkout the new Microservices Architecture!

You can find the links to download Oracle GoldenGate 12c ( at this link:

This release bring many new features to Oracle Goldengate:

GoldenGate 12.3 Platform Features – All Platforms For the Oracle Database

Support for Oracle Database
Oracle Database provides many exciting features for organizations to use. Oracle GoldenGate 12.3 is designed to leverage many of these features in Oracle Database as well. Organizations will have a fully supported and integrated replication framework that provides organizations with performance and throughput enhancements within the Integrated Capture, Integrated Apply and many others processes.

-Microservices Architecture

A new services based architecture that simplifies configuration, administration and monitoring for large scale and cloud deployments. The RESTFul services enable secure remote access using role based authorization over HTTPS and Websocket (streaming) protocols. Each service also has an embedded HTML5 browser based UI for better user experience in addition to traditional command line access for ggsci style scripting/automation. It enables Applications to embed, automate, and orchestrate GoldenGate across the enterprise.

Parallel Replicat
Highly scalable apply engine for the Oracle database that can automatically parallelize the apply workload taking into account dependencies between transactions. Parallel Replicat provides all the benefits of Integrated Replicat performing the dependency computation and parallelism outside the database. It parallelizes the reading and mapping of trail files and provides the ability to apply large transactions quickly in Oracle Database 11g ( and later.

Automatic Conflict-Detection-Resolution (CDR) without application changes
Quickly enable active/active replication while ensuring consistent conflict-detection-resolution (CDR) without modifying application or database structure. With automatic CDR you can now configure and manage Oracle GoldenGate to automate conflict detection and resolution when it is configured in Oracle Database 12c Release 2 (12.2) and later.

Procedural Replication to enable simpler application migrations and upgrades
Procedural Replication in Oracle GoldenGate allows you to replicate Oracle-supplied PL/SQL procedures, avoiding the shipping and applying of high volume records usually generated by these operations.

Database Sharding
Oracle Sharding is a scalability and availability feature designed OLTP applications that enables distribution and replication of data across a pool of Oracle databases that share no hardware or software. The pool of databases is presented to the application as a single logical database. Data redundancy is managed by Oracle GoldenGate via Active-Active replication that is automatically configured and orchestrated through the database engine invoking the RestFul API’s.

Fast Start Capture
Fast Start Capture is a new feature for Integrated Capture that will improve overall performance and enable you to quickly start capturing and replicating transactions.

For SQL Server

Introducing a new, CDC based Capture

Oracle GoldenGate 12.3 will introduce a new Change Data Capture based Extract, which offers new functional advantages over our existing transaction log based capture method.Benefits include:

  •   Capture from SQL Server 2016
  •   Remote Capture
  •   Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) support

Certification to capture, from an AlwaysOn primary and/or synchronous secondary database
With an increase in uptake of our customers running their application critical databases in an AlwaysOn environment, Oracle GoldenGate 12.3 is the first version to certify capture from either the Primary database, or a read-only Synchronous Secondary database.

-Delivery to SQL Server 2016 Enterprise Edition

For DB2 z/OS

Remote Execution
The new remote execution includes both remote capture and delivery for DB2 z/OS. Running Oracle GoldenGate off the z/OS server significantly reduces the MIPS consumption and allows the support of AES encryption and credential store management.

For DB2 i

Support for IBM i 7.3
Oracle GoldenGate supports the latest DB2 for i platform.


– DDL replication between MySQL Databases
With the DDL replication between MySQL databases, there is no need to stop Oracle GoldenGate replication when there are DDL changes on the source database.


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