FORMAT RELASE changes in #GoldenGate #12.3

This is just a quick note for those who are looking to using Oracle GoldenGate (Classic or Microservices) and want to send trails of a lower version. This information can be found in the Release Notes for Oracle GoldenGate (here).

The default behavior for FORMAT RELEASE settings supported with EXTTRAIL, RMTTRAIL, EXTFILE and RMTFILE has changed. This is due to changes need to support PDBs with Local Undos. The three bullet points below provide a summary of what has changed.

  • Non-CDB databases with compatibility set to 12.1, FORMAT RELEASE 12.2 or above is supported.
  • Non-CDB databases with compatibility set to 12.2, FORMAT RELEASE 12.2 or above is supported.
  • CDB/PDB databases with compatibility set to 12.2, only FORMAT RELEASE 12.3 is supported. This is due to the use of local undo for PDBs, which requires augmenting the transaction ID with the PDB number to ensure uniqueness of trx IDs.



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