Linking Oracle GoldenGate Microservices Architecture to Oracle GoldenGate Classic Architecture

As of August 2017, Oracle has released two distinct architectures for Oracle GoldenGate. The newest of which is the Microservices architecture. These question has to be asked, how can both of these architectures work together? Is that even possible? The answer is yes, you can link the Microservices Architecture to the Classic Architecture and vis-versa. In the post, you’ll see how to link the two from the capturing in Microservices and applying in Classic.

Note: To focus just on the linking, I will not cover how to create an extract in Microservices and a replicat in Classic. In short, you will need to have a pre-existing extra and replicat.

1. Open ServiceManager Overview page
2. Select Distribution Service

3. Click the plus ( + ) sign to add a path

4. Provide the required information to create the path (Name, Extract, Target info (Protocol, Target Host/IP, MGR Port Number, Remote Trail))

Note: The protocol needs to be OGG for the linking to work.

5. Click Create and Run at the bottom of the screen

6. After the Distribution Path is created, you will see it listed on the page. From here you can use the Action button and look at the details of the path.

Now, at this point, your Manager (MGR) process should be running and accepting connections from the Distribution Service.

Note: The key to a successful linking is to make sure the Distrubtion Service knows where to put the remote trail files for reading by the Classic Architecture Replicat.

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