ServiceManager Daemon fails to start on reboot?

If you have been working with Oracle GoldenGate 12c ( or 18c (18.1.0) recently, you may have setup the ServiceManager as a daemon process. This is a great option for setting up the ServiceManager. The benefit is provides is when you host is rebooted it comes back online and allows you to see all of your managers; however, there is a small issue with the process … not really the process but the environment where it runs.

If you are like me, you like to setup your environment variables for quick reference; I do this with $OGG_HOME a lot, especially setting up new enviornments. Having this enviornment variable set actually causes a problem with the ServiceManager. If the $OGG_HOME variable is set for the Oracle user environment; the ServiceManager will not restart upon reboot. This leads you to try to execute ServiceManager from the $OGG_HOME/bin directory, like so:

$ cd $OGG_HOME/bin
$ ./ServiceManager &

When you do this, you will be met with a message similar to this:

$ Service Manager is terminating because it cannot load the inventory from ‘/opt/app/oracle/product/18.1.0/oggcore_1/etc/conf/deploymentRegistry.dat

So what does this message mean? The ServiceManager is trying to find the deploymentRegistry.dat file. This file has all of the configurations that ServiceManager needs to start (BTW – DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE DIRECTLY). You will also notice that the directory structure after $OGG_HOME is not correct. That is because the deploymentRegistry.dat file is located in the $DEPLOYMENT_HOME for the ServiceManager.

So how do you fix this issue? The answer is quite simple. Just unset $OGG_HOME within the envrionment. Then ServiceManager can be started from $OGG_HOME/bin. If you remove/rename $OGG_HOME from your oracle profile (.bash_profile, .bashrc, etc…), the ServiceManager will restart on reboot as well.

When starting the ServiceManager from $OGG_HOME/bin, the output should look something similar to this:

[oracle@db18c_ogg18c bin]$ ./ServiceManager &
[1] 464
[oracle@db18c_ogg18c bin]$ Oracle GoldenGate Service Manager for Oracle
Version OGGCORE_18.

Copyright (C) 1995, 2018, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.


Linux, x64, 64bit (optimized) on Sep 28 2018 17:31:51
Operating system character set identified as US-ASCII.


[1]+ Done ./ServiceManager

With the ServiceManager stared, you can now access the HTML5 web page or the associated REST APIs.


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