ServiceManager … Manually start/stop

Oracle GoldenGate Microservices, starting in 12c ( through 19c (, provide a set of services that you can interact with via a webpage, command line, REST API, and PL/SQL. All of which is great; however, for any of these items to work the ServiceManager has to be up and running.

There are three ways configure ServiceManager when an environment is initally setup. These three ways are:

  • Manually
  • As a daemon
  • Integration with XAG agent (9.1 or later)

For this post, I’ll just show you how to start or stop ServiceManager manually. Manually starting or stopping the ServiceManager is the default setting if you do not select either of the other two options while running Oracle GoldenGate Configuration Assistant (

In order to start or stop the ServiceManager manually, you have to make sure you have two files. These files are:


Both of these files will be in the $DEPLOYMENT_HOME/bin directory for the ServiceManager. On my system this location is:


Note: If you are running ServiceManager as a daemon, you will not have these files. In the bin directory you will find a file that is used to register ServiceManager as a daemon.

Before you can start or stop the ServiceManager manually, there are two (2) environment variables that need to be set. These environment variables are:


These environment variables are set to the etc and var directory locations for the ServiceManager deployment. On my system these are set to:

export OGG_ETC_HOME=/opt/app/oracle/gg_deployments/ServiceManager/etc
export OGG_VAR_HOME=/opt/app/oracle/gg_deployments/ServiceManager/var

Now with all these requirements met, I can now go back to the $DEPLOYMENT_HOME/bin directory and start or stop the ServiceManager.

[oracle@ogg19c bin]$ cd /opt/app/oracle/gg_deployments/ServiceManager/bin
[oracle@ogg19c bin]$ sh ./

[oracle@ogg19c bin]$ sh ./
Starting Service Manager process…
Service Manager process started (PID: 376)

In order to stop the ServiceManager manually:

[oracle@ogg19c bin]$ cd /opt/app/oracle/gg_deployments/ServiceManager/bin
[oracle@ogg19c bin]$ sh ./
Stopping Service Manager process (PID: 376)…
Service Manager stopped


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