Opening a port in firewalld on RHEL for Oracle GoldenGate (Microservices)

With Oracle GoldenGate (Microservices) running on Linux, there is a setting that needs to be configured.  I you are like me, the internal firewall (firewalld) on many flavors of Linux always sneaks up on you.  When installing Oracle GoldenGate (Microservices), you’ll need to open ports on this internal firewall either for standard ports (80 or 443); or you can just turn it off.  Seeing that most security professionals would prefer not to turn off the firewall, this means you have to open ports.  

To open ports on an internal firewall on Linux, the following should be done:

1. List all allowed ports:

$ sudo firewall-cmd —list-ports

2. Add the port that needs to be opened

$ sudo firewall-cmd —add-port=443/tcp

Note: When using Oracle GoldenGate (Microservices), port 443 or port 80 is only used when running behind an NGINX reverse proxy

3. Make the change permanent

$ sudo firewall-cmd —runtime-to=permanent

After performing these three steps, you should now be able to access the GUI for Oracle GoldenGate (Microservices).


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