Oracle GoldenGate 23ai: Powering Real-Time Data Integration 

Oracle goldengate 23ai.

Oracle GoldenGate has long been the go-to solution for real-time data integration, and with the release of Oracle GoldenGate 23ai, it just got even better.  Packed with innovative features and enhancements, this latest version takes data replication and synchronization to new heights, empowering organizations to unlock the full potential of their data. 

What’s New in Oracle GoldenGate 23ai? 

1. Enhanced Support for Cloud and Hybrid Environments 

Oracle GoldenGate 23ai shines when it comes to supporting modern cloud and hybrid architectures. With enhanced cloud capabilities, organizations can seamlessly integrate and replicate data across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments. This includes improved support for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), making it easier than ever to leverage the power and scalability of the cloud. 

 2. Real-Time Data Streaming 

GoldenGate 23ai introduces advanced streaming capabilities, enabling real-time data streaming to popular messaging platforms such as Apache Kafka, Oracle Streaming Service, and Confluent Cloud. This opens up a world of possibilities for event-driven architectures and real-time analytics, allowing organizations to build data pipelines that drive immediate insights and action. 

 3. Simplified Configuration and Management 

One of the standout features of GoldenGate 23ai is its simplified configuration and management. The new and improved user interface, Oracle GoldenGate Studio, offers a centralized, intuitive platform for managing all your data replication processes. With a streamlined setup process and enhanced automation, it has never been easier to configure and monitor data replication across diverse environments. 

4. Support for Additional Data Sources and Targets 

GoldenGate continues to expand its support for various data sources and targets, ensuring seamless data integration across heterogeneous systems. New additions include support for Oracle Database 23ai, PostgreSQL, and MySQL, among others. This means organizations can easily replicate data between different database platforms, ensuring data consistency and enabling a wide range of use cases. 

5. Enhanced Security and Compliance 

Data security and compliance are top priorities for any organization, and GoldenGate 23ai delivers enhanced security features to address these concerns. With improved encryption capabilities, organizations can protect data during replication, ensuring that sensitive information remains secure throughout the integration process. 

6. Improved Performance and Scalability 

Performance and scalability have always been hallmarks of GoldenGate, and version 23ai takes this even further. With optimized data processing and improved resource utilization, GoldenGate can handle even the most demanding workloads with ease. This includes enhanced parallel processing capabilities, enabling faster data replication and reduced latency for time-critical applications. 

7. Advanced Conflict Detection and Resolution 

Oracle GoldenGate 23ai introduces advanced conflict detection and resolution capabilities, ensuring data consistency in complex replication scenarios. With improved support for multi-master replication and bi-directional data flows, organizations can confidently manage data updates across multiple systems without the risk of data conflicts or inconsistencies. 

Real-World Use Cases 

1. Real-Time Analytics 

GoldenGate 23ai enables real-time data streaming to analytics platforms, empowering organizations to gain immediate insights from their data. For example, streaming data to Apache Kafka allows for real-time data processing and analysis, driving faster decision-making and enabling data-driven business strategies. 

2. Zero-Downtime Migrations 

The enhanced cloud support in GoldenGate 23ai makes it the ideal tool for zero-downtime migrations to the cloud. Organizations can seamlessly replicate data from on-premises databases to cloud environments, ensuring continuous data availability and minimizing disruptions during the migration process. 

3. Data Distribution and Synchronization 

With support for multi-master replication and improved conflict resolution, GoldenGate 23ai is perfect for distributing and synchronizing data across multiple sites and systems. This ensures data consistency and enables collaborative work across geographically dispersed teams. 


Oracle GoldenGate 23ai is a testament to Oracle’s commitment to delivering best-in-class data integration solutions. With enhanced cloud support, real-time data streaming capabilities, and simplified management, organizations can unlock new levels of data agility and insights. By choosing GoldenGate 23ai, businesses can power their real-time data integration initiatives and drive digital transformation forward. 

To learn more about Oracle GoldenGate 23ai and its capabilities, visit the official Oracle blog: Announcing GoldenGate 23ai or contact RheoData @ [email protected]

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