OEM12c startup issues

It has been awhile since I wrote.  I’ve been busy to say the least with everything from family to work to helping out on an upcoming book related to OEM12c.  So to be frank, 2013 has gotten off to a great start for me.  However, that is not the topic of this blog post today.  What I would like to explain is how simple it is to resolve connection and start up issues with OEM12c. 

Part of my current job is to do demos for customers.  I’ve been demoing OEM12c a lot over the last six months.  This has all been good; until someone makes the decision to take down the OEM environment without notice.  Have to love those days, anyways, I requested to have my environment turned on.  When it was turned back on, OEM wouldn’t come up although the database was up.  After looking around a bit it was identified that everything was up except for the listener (makes it kind of hard to connect right).  Ensuring the listener was up is critical to allowing OEM to come up.  Below are the steps that I followed to resolve this issue.

The first thing I did was set my Oracle Home to verify that the database is up. 

$ . oraenv

$ ps –ef | grep pmon

Next, I checked the status and started my listener.

$ lsnrctl status LISTENER

$ lsnrctl start LISTENER

Once the listener was up completely, I checked the status again after waiting a minute or two (this is mostly to verify that the service comes up).

$ lsnrctl status LISTENER

With the listener up and accepting connection, I set my environment for the OEM (make it easier by editing /etc/oratab and placing the home path for OEM there).  Now that my enviornmet is set for OEM, I needed to stop the OMS.  In this instance I used the force option to bring everything down.

 $ $OMS_HOME/bin/emctl stop oms –all –force

 Once OMS is down, it could be restarted successfully and brought online.

 $ $OMS_HOME/bin/emctl start oms

 Now that the OMS is up, if you cannot remember the url, the url can be found under the $OMS_HOME/sysman/install directory.

 In closing, I hope this will help some of you from having to reinstall OEM12c. 

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