Find what databases you have quickly – #EM12c Inventory Search

Thought I would write a quite tip on how to find what versions of databases you have in your environment.  Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c provides a quick and easy way to find this information once it is configured within your environment. 

Starting at with the Enterprise menu, you will go to Configuration and then Inventory and Usage Details (Enterprise –> Configuration – Inventory and Usage Details) (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Inventory and Usage Details Menu Item


After clicking Inventory and Usage Details, you will land on the associated page.  In the drop down box labeled “Show”, select Databases (Figure 2).  This will show you all the databases that are listed in the Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c that are being monitored.

Figure 2: Show Menu


Once all the databases are displayed (listed), you can see exactly what you have in your environment (Figure 3).  In this case, you test environment is comprised of 2 11gR2 databases ( & and a set of 12cR1 databases (CDB & 2 PDBs).

Figure 3:  Database Inventory listed (not a great graphic)


Hope this quick tip helps you find additional information about targets in your environment.


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