Configure shared storage for #em12c Business Intelligence Publisher (BIP)

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 4 has a lot of new features; however, I quickly want to focus on a feature that has been in OEM12c for awhile.  This feature is Business Intelligence Publisher (BIP).  BIP has been a part of OEM12c since it was initially released; at first it was a bit cumbersome to get it installed. With the release of, the OEM team has done a great job at making the process a lot easier. Although this post is not directly talking about BIP installation; just understand that the process is easier and details can be found here.
What I want to focus on is how to configure BIP, once installed, to use shared storage.  I don’t recall if the requirement for shared storage was required in earlier versions of OEM12c; however, if you want to share BIP reports between OMS nodes in a high-avaliablity configuration, a shared location is required.  The initial directions for reconfiguring BIP for shared storage can be found here.
In order to allow multiple OMS nodes to support multiple BIP servers the following command needs to be ran:

emctl config oms -bip_shared_storage -config_volume <directory location> -cluster_volume <directory location>

Note: The directory location supplied for the shared location has to be accessible by both OMS nodes.

emctl config oms -bip_shared_storage -config_volume /oms/BIP/config -cluster_volume /oms/BIP/cluster

When the reconfiguring of BIP begins, you will be asked for the Admin User’s password (Weblogic User) and the SYSMAN password.  Supply these and then wait for the completion of the script. Once completed the CONFIG and CLUSTER directories for BIP will be moved to the location specified.
The new directory locations can be verified from the BIP web page under Administration -> Server Configuration.
In the end, reconfiguring BIP to use shared storage is quite simple.
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