Change unknown SYSMAN password on #EM12c

When I normally start work on a new EM 12c environment, I would request to have a userid created; however, I don’t have a userid in this environment and I need access EM 12c as SYSMAN.  Without knowing the password for SYSMAN, how can I access the EM 12c interface?  The short answer is that I can change the SYSMAN password from the OS where EM 12c is running.
Before changing the SYSMAN password for EM 12c, make sure to understand the following:

  1. SYSMAN is used by the OMS to login to the OMR to store and query all activity
  2. SYSMAN password has to be changed at both the OMS and OMR to EM 12c to work correctly
  3. Do not modify the SYSMAN or any  other repository user at the OMR level (not recommended)

The steps to change an unknown SYSMAN password is as follows:
Tip: Make sure you know what the SYS password is for the OMR.  It will be needed to reset SYSMAN.
1. Stop all OMS processes
cd <oms home>/bin
emctl stop oms 
Image 1:
2. Change the SYSMAN password
cd <oms home>/bin
emctl config oms -change_repos_pwd -use_sys_pwd -sys_pwd <sys password> -new_pwd <new sysman password>
In Image 2, notice that I didn’t pass the password for SYS or SYSMAN on the command line.  EMCTL will ask you to provide the password if you don’t put it on the command line.
Image 2:
3. Stop the Admin Server on the primary OMS and restart OMS
cd <oms home>/bin
emctl stop oms -all
emctl start oms
Image 3:
4. Verify that all of OMS is up and running
cd <oms home>/bin
emctl status oms -details
Image 4:
After verifying that the OMS is backup, I can now try to login to the OMS interface.
Image 5:
As we can see, I’m able to access OEM as SYSMAN now with the new SYSMAN password.

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