Use a #db12c PDB for the #em12c OMR…Finally

In an earlier post, I mentioned that Oracle has finally, offcially supported the Oracle Management Repository (OMR) on Database 12c (  As I’ve been working on a DBaaS project, I built a new Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) enivornment to test out a few things.  Since I was rebuilding, I decided to try out the PDB as an OMR (afterall I’ve been asking about this approach).  In the past, installation would fail around 63%.  This time around, OEM installed in a PDB with no issue at all!  

To verify that the OMR was actually in an PDB, I had to dig around a bit.  Durning the installation, I had to provide connection information.  This configuration can be verified by going to Management Services and Repository page within OEM.  Once on this page, the Repository Details section (see image) will show you the database name and the connection string used.  The connection string identified the PDB being used in the Service Name part of the connection.

In the image, you can see that I’m using a database named MGMT, yet the connection string is going to service name  OEM1 is the PDB that is running under the MGMT consoldiated database (see image).  

What makes this work this time around?  There are a few patches that have to be applied to the Oracle Database ( before the PDB can be used for the OMR.  These patches are 19769480, 19877336, and 20243268.  These patches are required (more details here).  These patches require using OPatch or higher which can be downloaded from MOS Note: 274526.1 (Patch 6880880).  

Overall, Oracle did a good job in resolving this issue and giving the ability to host OEM in a PDB.  There are a few questions that come to mind now.  Here are just a few that I have:

1. What use cases will come out of this?  
2. How will performance of OEM look in using a PDB?  
3. How will licensing change with OEM and PDBs?

Anyways, give it a try!  


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