Error when starting #GoldenGate Extract against MS SQL Server

If you work with Oracle GoldenGate long enough, you will eventually have to setup against a Microsoft SQL Server. Being that GoldenGate is a heterogeneous application, this isn’t a problem; however there are small differences. One such difference is how the exact/replicat will connect to the MS SQL Database.

In an Oracle-to-Oracle configuration, you would just use a command line the following from the command line:

GGSCI> dblogin useridalias [ alias name]
GGSCI> dblogin userid [ user name ] password [ password ]

In a MS SQL Server environment, you can still login at the GGSCI command prompt with the following:

GGSCI> dblgoin sourcedb [ dns ]

You will notice the difference, which is the use of an ODBC DNS entry. Although setting up the ODBC DNS entry is not the point of this post, just keep it in mind that is is required when connecting to MS SQL Server with Oracle GoldenGate.

After setting up the ODBC DNS, you will need to add the following to the extract/replicat parameter file to enable the process to connect to the database.

sourcedb [ dns ]

Note: I normally put my connection information in a macro to modularize my parameter files. Please it makes it easier if it needs to change.

MACRO #logon_settings
sourcedb [ dns ]

Now, when you go to start the extract/replicat, you may get the following error:

ERROR OGG-00551 Database operation failed: Couldn’t connect to [ dns ]. ODBC error: SQLSTATE 37000 native database error 4060. [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server]Cannot open database “db_name” requested by the login. The login failed.

The error message is a little bit misleading. It tells you that the process cannot connect to the database which you were able to connect to from the GGSCI command prompt with no issue. Why is this? The issue lies in the fact that the manager (MGR) process is running as a service and does not have the correct permissions to access the database from the service.

In searching MOS for this error, I was found Note ID: 1633138.1. In this note, notice that this issue is known as of Oracle GoldenGate version 12.1.2.x.x. The note also provides you a fix to this issue. In simple terms, since the manager process is running as a service; additional permissions have to be granted to manger.

To grant the SYSADMIN privilege for the manager process follow the below sequence of steps (on windows after all):

1. Manager is installed as service:
Open SQL Server Management studio -> Security ->login>select NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM ->Right Click -> Properties–>Server Role –>Enable sysadmin role

2. ggsci>stop mgr

3. ggsci>start mgr

4. ggsci>start extract <extract-name>

After granting the sysadmin role, the extract will start.


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