Install Terraform on Macbook

This post is mostly for my general reference and so I don’t have to look it up again…. 🙂

To install Terrafrom on Macbook, you simply have to download the Terraform binary from HashiCorp download site. Once on the download site, select the version you need for your operating system. Once the corresponding zip file is downloaded, unzip the binary to a location that is easily referenced.

After the binary has been unzipped, you can either update the $PATH variable to point to the location where the Terrafrom binary is or you can just move it to the local bin directory. If you choose the later, the on MacBook; you will need to execute the following command:

sudo mv ./terraform /usr/local/bin

Once it has been move to /usr/local/bin, it can be checked by using the “which” command:

$ which terraform

Additionally, you can check the version and pull up the list of commands by using the help option.

$ terraform —version

$terraform —help


Hopefully, in the near future, I’ll provide some content around how to use Terraform with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure along with Oracle GoldenGate. Until then, this is just a simple post.


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