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In 2014, myself, Danny Bryant and Stewart Bryson, from the Atlanta area were added to the board of directors for the Georgia Oracle User Group (GaOUG). With us being added to the Board of Directors, we initatied a rebranding of the user group from GOUSER to GaOUG in Feburary 2015, with much success. Then followed that event up with two quarterly events in April and July 2015, which proved to be an even bigger sucess and we continue to build on each success due to people we have been able to attract for quarterly events. After the success of our quarterly events, the board of directors established a goal of bringing the best speakers, locally, nationally and internationally, to the Atlanta area for a 1 day conference in 2016. So, I’m here to promote the conference and to hopefully convence you to submit an abstract to this new event on the conference circuit.

Little Background:

When I first moved to the Atlanta area (2001), I didn’t know anything about Atlanta much less the Oracle community. I joined GOUSER around 2006 with little going on in the community (story for another time). It wasn’t until 2012, when I first ventured out onto the conference stage at Oracle Open World 2012. For my first conference, it was nerve racking to say the least; however, I was introduced to many great people that year and my career, personal and professional networks, and friendships have benefited from that experiance. These are just some of the reasons why I keep submitting annually for a wide range of conferences and why I’m helping to bring this conference to Atlanta.


The aim of GaOUG Tech Day 2016 conference is to start small and grow into the best regional Oracle User Group conference in the Southest! This can only be achived with the help of great speakers (new and existing) from the Oracle Community! With that being said, our call for papers is currently open (submit here).

GaOUG Tech Day 2016 will have three categories for abstract submissions. These include Database & Development, Middleware and Applications. These categories cover a wide range of technologies form the Oracle stack plus many others.

Submitting an Abstract:

Before you submit your abstracts, there are a few reminders that you should be aware of that make a great abstract:

  1. Take the time to make a great abstract title and fill out the abstract and summary completely!
  2. Run it through spelling and grammar check.  If you submit a “sloppy” abstract with misspellings and errors in grammar, how can we know that you’ll take the time to ensure that the presentation will be performed professionally and technically accurate?
  3. List a few take-aways the attendee will leave with.  What is the value that will be gained by attending your session?
  4. Fill out your speaker biography.  We like to know a bit about you and why you are important to have presenting at the conference.
  5. No marketing!  Keep your session technical.  Our conference is a technical conference and nothing irks our attendees like marketing!  If they like what you are teaching, they’ll search out your company and/or product-  trust me!

(Tips were provided by DBAKevlar, thanks Kellyn!)

First/Local Time Speakers:

Finally, if you are submitting an abstract and you are a first time or local speaker; do not hesitate to reach out to the board and ask for guidance and/or mentoring. The board of directors has the experience to assist you in your submissions and selections. We are looking forward to and wanting to hear from new speakers in the community and help build your confidence in the speaking arena.

Submit your abstract today! Deadline for submissions is November 2nd, 2015!

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